My interest in the Tatung Einstein started at the tender age of 10 when my dad first bought one for me at Edinburgh Computers for £750! This price covered the base unit and a colour monitor.

At the time there were very few software titles available for the machine and as such I decided to start programming on the machine myself. I learned to type and program on the Einstein so it does hold fond memories for me.

I always liked the superb keyboard the Einstein has, very clicky and easy to type with.

I remember wishing my dad had bought me a Spectrum 48K as I used to hate walking into John Menzies on Princes Street in Edinburgh and seeing the amazing plethora of Spectrum titles of all genres! This amazed me that there was so little support for the Tatung Einstein, considering it had 64K and could handle anything the Spectrum could.

And so, 25 years later I still have the original Tatung Einstein fully functioning and with all the games and also the programs I coded myself.

Since launching this website more than four years ago now, I have literally doubled my software collection and increased my hardware collection tenfold, regaining my Speculator/Speech Synthesiser that I threw away all those years ago! I have so many of you out there to thank for that, and it is great to keep this machine alive through this dedication website.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane, sit back and remember... those were the days, weren't they! Just pure 100% retro gold.

Kings Valley, anyone?

Browse away and have fun.



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